Ohio CopBlock

Welcome to OhioCopBlock.org. This is a site/blog that is run by a decentralized group of free individuals who oppose injustices of the law and its enforcement and are committed to promoting police accountability across the state of  Ohio. We oppose the injustice of holding police to a different standard than other individuals. Every day we see police getting away with theft, [...]

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Jefferey Weinhaus

Thank you Nathan Cox for the inspiration to make this little video to make sure people in the area know how to get in touch with Cop Block Groups in their areas. And to bring some light to the fact that Jefferey Weinhaus is in jail and would love to hear from you!!! Send pictures [...]

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Now you can snitch on your neighbors with this nifty app! Thanks Government!

As the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing approaches it is important to emphasize the public’s critical role in solving that case. Tips from the public in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing led to the arrest in that horrific incident. To that end, the Ohio Homeland Security has released the new Safer [...]

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Copblocking in Cleveland with Scene Magazine and their biased reporting -a Letter from Deo

I just wanna say thank you to our supporters. As you may or may not know, Pete Eyre was recently in Cleveland to spend some time with me to get to know what I am working with around here. There is video up of our adventures in Parma, and soon there will be some of our [...]

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Botch a Drug Raid? Ha in Huron County No Problem! Just Seal The Warrant, Citizen Complaint, And Gag Order all at once!

The Sheriff of this Same county was featured before(http://ohiocopblock.org/1317/sheriff-huron-county-steals-cell-phone-sim-card-gets-caught/) Anyone can make a mistake. The best solution is to acknowledge it, make amends if needed, and move forward, striving to learn from the experience. Far too many entities opt instead for bluster, obfuscation and intimidation, rather than deal with the consequences of their screwup. This [...]

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Would This Be Moral If I did this to you?

“This is a guest submission”   I was in my driveway for about a minute and then lights appear in my driveway. He tells me to stay in my car and I do so, and then tells me to shut my door, which I comply again. He then ask for my license and Insurance. I [...]

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Dayton’s Cops Immune to Speed Traps

“this is a guest submission John please get into contact with me at ohiocopblock@gmail.com”       The people of Ohio people are starting to fight back against illegal traffic cameras. Even though Dayton is breaking more laws, no one seems to be writing about it or doing anything in the apathetic city. The police [...]

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Why I did it: Former hacker Mitchell Frost explains his motivation for hacking conservative pundits Bill O’Reilly and More

Editors Note: This person is the older brother of the founder of ohiocopblock.org Jacob Frost In 2006, Mitchell Frost, then a 19-year-old college student at the University of Akron, used the school’s computer network to control the botnets he had created. Authorities say between August 2006 and March 2007, Frost launched a series of denial [...]

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Sheriff of Huron County Steals Cell Phone Sim Card and Gets Caught!

I Was sent a picture recently showing an acquaintances cell phone sim card not being located where it should be.  He had his phone but it seemed his phone was a copy of the original.  Said person had a few run in’s with this county before and does not know when the card was taken [...]

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Man Arrested for Swearing on His Own Property!

Randy Grosswiler of Sandusky Ohio Gets arrested for practicing his First Amendment right to free speach From Randy: there was a point in here that actually puts the police in the wrong… Starts at about 1:52, Police: “What… What would you do if I walked up and started F’ing you, just off the bat?” Civilian: “I’d [...]

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Family of Man Refilling Suit Against Police Who Shot Him In Cold Blood

Military veteran. Homeowner. Concealed-carry permit holder. No criminal record. That’s the man James David Sr. was on Sept. 22, 2010, when Bellevue police Officers Jeffrey Matter and Erik Lawson fatally shot him as he sat on a chair outside his Union Street home. David’s family has renewed their fight against Bellevue and its police department, [...]

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