Man Arrested for Swearing on His Own Property!

Randy Grosswiler of Sandusky Ohio Gets arrested for practicing his First Amendment right to free speach
From Randy:
there was a point in here that actually puts the police in the wrong… Starts at about 1:52, Police: “What… What would you do if I walked up and started F’ing you, just off the bat?” Civilian: “I’d say what’s your… I’d say what’s your problem.” Police: Would it make you happy? Would it make you happy?” Civilian: “I wouldn’t arrest you.” Police: “I know, you don’t have the power too.” Civilian: “I’m just sayin’ though… I wouldn’t arrest you. It’s Freedom of Speech.” — So, this officer basically just stated that he arrested this guy for using his right to free speech and because he has the power to do so! Take this matter to the police chief and watch how quickly this gets handled.

i got out of the car and said why the fuck are there three cruisers in my driveway and beating on my door when im not even home. and within seconds was arrested because i offended the officer with a foul word as he openly admits in the video!

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