Columbus Cop Logan Kretzmann, badge #2495; Assaults and Beats Someone Half His Size

Guest Submission By: Tee Jay

I was assaulted by Officer Logan Kretzmann of the Columbus Police Department on  May 23rd of 2014. I was drug on my face, my arms were bent up my back while hand cuffed and I was thrown in the back of a cruiser because I refused to go to the hospital for a suicide attempt. The officer called me deragatory terms for females and cursed other things as well to me. I asked him why he was doing that to me, and he said, because I was in desert storm bitch!

I resisted the officer after that because made me fear for my life, now I’m facing assault charges. This officer is at least 6’3 and I’m a 5’5 female which weighs 110 lbs. Picture that!

Logan Kretzmann Badge #2495

case # is 14 CR 2904

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