CopBlocking Police Checkpoint: Medina, Ohio (VIDEO)

Ademo and I went to Medina to block a checkpoint on the 28th. We ran into some cops who were setting it up and asked if they planned to ticket folks who weren’t drunk. “We’ll deal with other violations as the y come up,”was the reply. We then had a cop come and tell Ademo not to cross the road except at the crosswalk, with only one problem. There was no crosswalk at this intersection. There was no LED little white man telling us it was ok to cross or anything. Not to mention we are grown men who have been crossing the road for a long time. I think we can handle it without supervision.

A little later in the evening and officer Ventura came and was engaging me in conversation for quite a while. He seemed genuinely interested in and why we were doing what we do. Aside from the unconstitutional aspect of it, he wanted to know why we didn’t want drunks off the road. At what cost is what I would say. Not at the cost of my freedom.IMG_0374

People often question why we would not want to be safe on the road? This often comes from people who sympathize with, or have themselves lost people to drunk driving accidents. To them I say. “I’m sorry for your loss, but your hurt feelings are not as important as our rights as a whole to me. The act of drunk driving is not the crime. A lot of people do it everyday and make it home just fine. It’s when they hurt someone or damage someones property that the crime has been committed. The simple act of driving drunk is not the crime to be punished at the cost of our liberty.”

Check out Ademo’s blog on it here.

The Medina Gazzette took an interest in our activities and contacted me to write an article about it. You can read it here.

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