From Full Prohibition To Total Legalization|Ohio

ohiomarijuanaOhio could be the first state to go from full prohibition to full legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. According to post in The Stoners Cookbook,

87% of Ohio Voters Believe Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal


But the amendment to the November ballot is not without pitfalls. Opponents of Responsible Ohio, The PAC that is funding the amendment and the signature gathering, claim it gives to much power to too few people in the way the amendment is worded. So pay attention if you intend to take part in the statist ritual known as voting, to what you are voting for. Don’t just agree with the first thing to come down the pike.

In defense of the Responsible Ohio amendment. They have heard the call from the people who thought that too much power over the market would fall into too few hands. They have changed it to include home growing in the amendment. For many, that’s all they need to start growing their own. As well they should. I have said for a long time that all pot smokers should just start planting the seeds they get in their little bags of sunshine. If it was growing all over the planet unstoppably, there would be nothing government, or anyone could do about it.

If the Ohio Amendment passes, Ohio will become the first state to go from total prohibition to full legalization, and that’s all I need to hear to start my garden. Just make sure the cops know they can’t be breaking down the doors of people homes looking for gardening supplies, anymore.

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