Monthly John Crawford Protest|Video

I can’t be in Beaver Creek today, so I’m doin a little one man protest here in Parma and Brookpark. Two Wal Marts in one shot.

For those unfamiliar, Beaver Creek Wal Mart helped the Beaver Creek police cover up the murder of John Crawford who was simply shopping in their stores.

Some people don’t agree with the protests because of the private property aspect, but Wal Mart is complicit in the cover up by with holding the surveillance video at the police request.IMG_0412

If we are to live in a free country, and a multi-billion dollar company can withhold evidence of a murder of someone in their store, then we do not live in a free country where the actions of our public servants is a matter of public record! This is how the beginnings of secret police and the essence of the SS back in the old days, get started. Do Not let this bullshit continue and try to call yourself free!

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