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Larry Kiddy of Ohio Valley CopBlock, came up to Cleveland to do some CopBlockin with me and Ademo. We went out to W6th later in the evening (Ademo will be editing and putting that video on CopBlock.org, but Larry and I went for a warm up before hand.

We got a notice on Waze about a cop on Broadview rd in Parma. We went and saw he was parked on private property and was taking radar. We got out the sign and let folks know there was a speed trap there. They weren’t all paying attention to our sign and sure enough, he got one. When we saw it we went to go film up close, but by the time we got there, the cop had let the person go. There is no way he wrote a citation in that time so no victimless srimes were enforced while we were out there.

After we passed the cop he followed us a while, and then pulled off when we pulled onto private property. Now that I think about it.

ParmaPolice-copBlockPro Tip:

When you are being followed by a cop, pull into a parking lot ASAP. If you haven;t done anything to the point you pull in, once you hit private property, he can’t make anything up, because he can’t enforce traffic laws on private property unless the property owner presses charges.

Keep filming the police and remember

Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights!

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