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CopBlock Store
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The CopBlock Store is open for business. When you are out filming the police, it’s wise to let them know who you are. It’s easier not to get shot like that. Take it from DEO. I never go out filming cops in civilian clothes, and to this day I have never had a cop confuse my camera with a weapon! The conversation never comes up because they see me decked out in CopBlock Gear!

We have several styles of shirts, hoodies and Long sleeves available, as well as shiny badges that do not grant you any extra rights. The badges are great, because almost all cops think its real and they all want to try and charge you with impersonating an officer. I love getting them to read it into the camera.

Cop: “What’s that badge say?”
DEO: “You can read right? Read it!”
Cop: “Badges… Don’t… Grant… Extra… Rights…”
DEO: “Right! Remember that when you puts yours on in the morning pal!”

Classic video. You Tube Gold!cbradiopostimg

Sweats, hats and stickers also available.

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currently lives in Parma, OH where he started CopBlocking in 2012 after his arrest at police checkpoint. He's the founder of GreaterCleveland CopBlock, admin of OhioCopBlock, Store manager and contributor.

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