In a bold move, Judge Odonell has acquitted Brelo of all charges, because the prosecution could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Brelo fired the fatal shots. Further, the judge says that there is no way to tell who fired the fatal bullets that killed Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

A travesty in my opinion! You call this justice? I sure don’t! The Judge is guilty, the system is guilty, and most of all, the THIN BLUE LINE IS GUILTY AS HELL!! No justice in this case from what I can see. Another killer cop allowed to walk free! The judge also gave cops the ability to use deadly force if they has=ve reasonable suspicion you have a gun.

So in other words, all a cop in Cleveland has to say is he thought you had a gun and he can justifiably end your life! Even when it is found after the fact that you were unarmed. So I guess not only has Judge Odonell acquitted Brelo, but he has also granted Cleveland police license to kill!! It’s ok to violate peoples civil rights if you have a badge!

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