Cleveland Police Sgt. Attempted intimidation of Cop Blockers

IMG_0097This video above is from last night, when DEO and I headed to downtown Cleveland’s popular 6th street “night life” area to do a little CopBlocking. Normally, we stroll up and down the streets handing out Flyers and interacting with people (and cops alike). Yet, this night we were hoping to be a little more discrete. I turned my gear inside out and DEO was going to hang back in the shadows for the most part.

It was a good idea, but since a few NFL football players were in the local clubs too, there were a few more police in the area. Yes, the police actually escort these NFL players around town. I believe they are paid for by the players but it’s still a goofy thing to see police providing private security, yet, fail to understand that concept as a means for full time employment when I bring it up to them. I’ll get into that in another post in the future, for now, back to downtown Cleveland.


In the video above you saw Sergeant Garra (who cares if I’m spelling this pricks name right), you can also see him in this video from a previous CopBlocking night, when he clearly starts to harass and intimidate DEO with his flashlight. It seems that he simply doesn’t like cameras because every time we’ve encountered this guy he’s done something silly like this. I’ve come to expect this behavior from this guy, but what’s really telling to me in this video is how the other Sergeant simply watches it all unfold. Never once does he say, ‘knock it off’ or ‘what are you doing’ to his colleague. No, he simply follows us and afterwards tells me how I group all cops together.

Seriously, the irony in this video and these statements is so thick I don’t even know where to begin. As I stated in the video, the second sergeant just provided the textbook reason why there is no such thing as a good cop. What do you think? It’s the million dollar question for the police accountability world, so, are all cops bad?

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