Police Use Scare Tactics to Get Information

On October 6th My fellow cop blockers and I  saw a women get assaulted by a man on a motorcycle, when the police arrived the woman who got hit was on my friends property. We asked the police to stay on public property and to not enter onto our friends property. After violating our 4th Amendment right, I informed the women and the man that they were not legally required to make any statements to the police. That’s when the officer told me he was going to arrest me for hindering an investigation. He told me to back up and get on the porch or I would be placed under arrest. When he was talking to me the other officer tried grabbing the girls hand and started shoving her (I apologize for bad camera quality on the video). We were only trying to help and inform people of there rights.

What do you think? Was this officer out of line? Does informing people of their rights constitute hindering an investigation?

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One Response to “Police Use Scare Tactics to Get Information”

  1. merlin10 October 7, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    Why was this video even posted. The video and audio quality are very poor and one cannot tell what is really transpiring.

    From what the poster writes, it appears that:

    1. A woman was assaulted.
    2. She (or another witness to the assault) called the police.
    3. The police came out to investigate.
    4. The police attempted to speak with the victim and other witnesses.
    5. The copblockers attempted to interrupt the police officers while they were questioning the victim and/or witnesses.

    If these are the facts, then yes you were interfering in a police investigation. If you had been the attorney for those being questioned, or if those being questioned had asked for your intervention, then you would have been within your rights to be involved in the questioning.

    The police officers did not violate your fourth amendment rights. You were not detained. You were not searched. The officers had probable cause to be on your friend’s property. They were not there to search you. They were there to investigate the report of an assault.

    And for the record, learn to spell. Woman is singular. Women is plural.

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