Prepping for the Halloween Weekend of Ohio Checkpoints

Since this seems like it’s going to be a pretty light Ohio Checkpoints weekend I’m going to venture that the Halloween weekend next week is going to be a heavy Ohio Checkpoint weekend.

For all the new people who have joined the group (and everyone else) please check the events calendar on the Facebook page where I’ve setup potential locations in the three major cities in Ohio for Friday and Saturday nights pending checkpoints on those nights.  If you’re available to hangout, hold a witty sign, hand out literature, video record, etc… please sign up if you can make it to one of the areas.  This is basically a save the date type of event since checkpoints are announced usually the day before or the day of, call it an educated assumption that there will be checkpoints all over the place next weekend.

Check out the Resources page at where there is a handout to print out.  A checkpoint in Parma a month ago had almost 1,000 cars go through it and a checkpoint in Columbus a week later had traffic backed up over a 1/2 mile.  Plenty of stopped cars to get pre-checkpoint handouts to.  I’ll be writing up a few ground rules so everyone can be safe and be effective but a few bullet points are: make sure you’re not alone, wear reflective clothing if you’ll be leaving the sidewalk or there is no sidewalk (you can get a running vest for 6 bucks at Walmart), and make sure at least someone is taking video.

This will probably be the last week of decent weather where there will be a bunch of Ohio checkpoints so let’s make it count.

About Eric Freerock

Eric Freerock is a New Hampshire native transplanted in Ohio and runs the liberty oriented blog Free Rock Press. After the plight of Cop Block founder Ademo Freeman in his home state, sitting on the sidelines was no longer an option. Eric will be having a more active role in the pursuit of personal liberty and freedom as well as the accountability of our public servants. This will include moving back to NH to be part of the Free State Project.

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