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Terri Bressi Stopped At A Checkpoint 300+ Times(Video)

Iowa Cop Block posted this video today. Meet Terri Bressi. He is an astronomer in Arizona, and the road to his job has become subject to a supreme court ruling allowing “internal checkpoints.” These checkpoints are within the borders of the USA and are subjecting US citizens to violations of the fourth and fifth amendments. […]

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CopBlocking Police Checkpoint: Medina, Ohio (VIDEO)

Ademo and I went to Medina to block a checkpoint on the 28th. We ran into some cops who were setting it up and asked if they planned to ticket folks who weren’t drunk. “We’ll deal with other violations as the y come up,”was the reply. We then had a cop come and tell Ademo […]

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RTA issues Apology to Media; not Victim (UPDATE)

Yesterday I blogged about Jessica Ferratto and her encounter with Lakewood OH RTA Cops. Today the Cleveland RTA issues an apology to Ms. Ferratto, according to RTA spokeswoman Linda Krecic issued an apology Tuesday afternoon. “From what we know now, it appears this incident could have been handled far more appropriately,” Krecic said in an email. […]

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Officer Brelo will Not face a Jury Trial

Officer Brelo is the only officer indicting in the 2012 killing of Timothy Russel and Mallisa Williams. He has most recently filed a motion to not have to  face a jury trial. John O’Donnell has agreed citing: “During my colloquy with Brelo I advised him of most, if not all, of the differences between a bench […]

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Austintown Police Don’t Get It

Original article by PINAC It has come to my attention the Austintown police are a little confused about the ORC code on identifying yourself to a cop. Thanks Carlos for bringing it out! ORC is the Ohio Revised Code that governs Ohio law. It reads: 2921.29 Failure to disclose personal information. (A) No person who […]

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Has This Ever Happened to You?

You are driving home after a ballgame or some other event you spend your hard earned money on. You make all your usual turns and take your normal route home, when all of a sudden, you spot a cop on the side of the road.  You look at him, he looks at you. a feeling […]

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Another Killing in Cleveland

Brandon Jones was killed by Cleveland Police last night, when they responded to a call of a yoputh stealing cigarrettes and change. Not to condone stealing, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t carry the death penalty. The people of Cleveland are tired of the police killing people in out streets. The people took to the […]

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Animal shelter Visit

Here in Cleveland as part of my community service, I go to the local animal shelter and take pictures of the animals for adoption. It is a humble facility they work out of, but the workers all have huge hearts and put in a lot of time and effort to find these animals homes. There […]

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We Have Chosen Freedom Over Fear

Hey everybody, I just wanted to let everyone know that Cop Block wants YOU! That is, we want your video of police abuse! Whether you’re a first time reader, or a Cop Block Network subscriber. We want your videos. The problem of police brutality is a global one. Police all over the globe are abusing […]

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NJ Newark_Police badge

Just Say “Yes sir”

Original article by A Newark NJ police chief said in his retirement speech, “They want us to come to them,” he said. “People don’t want to put their hands up, they want to challenge you.” You can read it here. He continued to reminisce about a time when he started his career, and people […]

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